“FIELDSTATION I” 6/2/2016 10h-17h – LUCA School of Arts : Narafi campus Avenue Victor Rousseau 75 1190 Brussels

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Introduction – Healing Dept. – Recruitement



LUCA School of Arts : Narafi campus

Avenue Victor Rousseau 75
1190 Brussels (Dudenpark)

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“Ecole Mondiale” was originally initiated by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902 as a postgraduate school to develop and prepare young men for a colonial career in the overseas areas of the European nation states. The first stone of the school, designed by the French architect Charles Girault (1851–1932), was laid out in July 1905, but the project was abandoned shortly after. Belgian artists – Filip Van Dingenen and Ive Van Bostraeten – aspire to critically rethink this controversial project through the design of 8 thematic “field stations” in various locations. The aim is to redefine and investigate the feasibility of the Ecole Mondiale as a nomadic school, platform, collective, as well as a knowledge center in between pedagogy and art.

Supported by OPAK Research Fund (LUCA School of Arts)



 10h Welcome

10h15 Historical Introduction of the Ecole Mondiale by Maarten Couttenier (Royal Museum of Central Africa, Dept. Cultural anthropology & history)

10h45  “EM²” by James Lee Byars & Pythagoras

11h10 Break

11h35 History of ameliorative art practices by Sue Spaid

12h Healing Dept : What is to be healed? What is absent? by Ive Van Bostraeten

13h Vegetarian-bio-lunch (5€) : “Cabra & Cook”

14h Co-creative workshops :

– “Sensory Emancipation Experiment” with Filip VD / Ive VB

– “Refinement in the post-colonial time-window, now : PAS OP” with Jean Katambayi Mukendi

– “The movement that is the repose” with Barbara Pereyra

16h Recruitement : Peers & Outliers by Filip Van Dingenen

16h30 Summary & future

17h reception & drinks