19-22/02/2014 Jan Van Eyck – Open Days, “ECOLE MONDIALE – Fieldstation I” (try-out)

* historical introduction; background & frame of Ecole Mondiale 1902 – 2014

* RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT a speculation on recruitment: Carl Hagenbeck (1844-1913), Carl Ackeley, (1864-1926), Jordi Sabater Pi (1922-2009), …

* HEALING DEPARTMENT, harmonising left & right cerebral hemisphere trough offering different elements of esoteric traditions like Munay-ki meditation, Tachyon-energy cocoon, Ohm tuning and a Sonorous Sphere of the fetal ear. And a multi-layered mapping of the energy spots of the JVE Academy which culminates in a shamanic walk in search of the most energetic spot.