Fieldstation Terra : “Gaiagraphy” 9-11/04/2015 Gallery, Marszałkowska Street 9/15,Warsaw

overview15 kopieThe recognition of the Gaia hypothesis however has powerful implications for virtually every realm of scientific and philosophical endeavor, since it calls for a new way of perceiving our world. (D. Abram)


In 2015 “Ecole Mondiale” was invited in the A-I-R Laboratory-program of the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Within the framework of the “Fieldstation Terra (Gaiagraphy)” we created a locality grid. This “locality-grid 1.0” consists of 150 quartz-cristals laid out and burried in the form of a square of 25.484 m in the centre of Warsaw. As startingpoint a study of powerspots or strong energy fields in Warsaw, the idea of “going into the earth” and the traumatic events in Warsovian history which reminiscence we could clearly feel; made us merge several elements and symbolic aspects together.

The starting point of the locality-grid (the square) is the back of the head of the Bronze Copernicus statue standing in front of the Staszic Palace. It be­comes the 6th chakra energy externalization of the father of modern astronomy.

The locality grid 1.0 runs also through the  Gallery of the “CCA” where a 3 day performance “Visualizing the LG 1.0″  was held and the neon “Dusza Planety” was shown (made in collaboration with Polish designers’ duo NOVIKI)