Fieldstation TERRA (Gaiagraphy) / Locality Grid 1.7 : Sittard-Java-Bali / sept 2017- feb 2019

FIELDSTATION TERRA (Gaiagraphy) / Locality Grid 1.7 Sittard-Java-Bali/ sept 2017 – feb 2019.

After the collaboration on LG 1.6 (Locality Grid) in Sittard, Bernardus Ruwette continued the Gaia-graphy through the concept of sister-landscapes. Two of the charged crystals in Sittard were transported to Java and with several spiritual groups, inearthed to create a connective earth-grid. The project expanded and during four of his consecutive travels, eleven crystals were placed in 11 temples and sanctuaries in Java and Bali. Hereby enriching the ceremonial aspects of the inearthings of the crystals and empasizing a greater geomantic and geological scale.

Participating organisations :

Stichting Vlinder, The Netherlands

Karaton Amarta Bumi, Java

Rumah Budaya Babaran Segaragunung, Java

Forum Studi Majapahit, Bali

Komite Budaya Nusantara, Bali

Yayasan Siwa Buturaya Caka 1247, Bali


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