Fieldstation Time : Tervuren laboratory / Participatory Time-walks / 20, 22, 24 april 2021 / Tervuren Park

EM initiates the concept of time-walking in which different thematics such as decoloniality, time-awareness, bird listening, aquatic biology of the self and sensory emancipation experiments are introduced. This fieldstation takes place in combination with other playfull defocalisation techniques, the help of EM-alumni and the Tervuren park as a beautiful setting in spring.

Walk I :

20 april / 14h-17h / meeting place : fountain behind the Royal Museum of Central Africa

Walk II :

22 april (blue version) / 6h-10h / idem

Walk III :

Childrens walk / 11h-16h / idem

Participation for the Fieldstation is free of charge, but registration is necessary since only a limited number of places are available

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