Fieldstation ABC / 27 jan 2018 / 10h-18h / ART BASICS for CHILDREN / Gaucheretplein 13 / 1030 Brussels

FIELDSTATION ABC… by Ecole Mondiale. EM

‘Human speech is simply our part of a much broader conversation’ David Abram

In Becoming Animal, An Earthly Cosmology, David Abram states that human speech is part of a broader conversation and argues for sensing an animated earth. EM asks how we can take part of conversations beyond non-verbal language? How to include narratives together with human and more than human agency, and find attunement & resonances in relationships?

Therefore the EM-FIELDSTATION ABC… is experimental, serious and playful towards the creation of tools & prototypes in these new kinds of relationships. Learning and understanding more about how to relate to the complexity of others more than-human.

During this one day Fieldstation we search to develop an attentiveness by doing, thinking and feeling. A collective event together with children, books, collections and multiplying voices.

This EM-Fieldstation is the final stage of the PhD-project of Filip Van Dingenen – LUCA School of Arts. EM-FIELDSTATION ABC…, on Januray 27 is an attempt to dialogue with and in the laboratory of “Art Basics for children” in Schaerbeek, Brussels