FIELDSTATION TIME / 17-03-2017 / Fieldtrip Mundaneum / Mons




Time is one of the great intangible and archetypical experiences of men. In this “EM-Fieldstation” we would like to reflect on the notion of time from the idea of “Inhabiting time”, time as it can be experienced to the fullest. From the EM-principles and together with a group of specialists we continue developing the “Time-Tool-Box” and compare different models, concepts and theories on Time. For determining and illustrating the ‘Categories on time’ we have a specific guided tour in relation to our topic in the Mundaneum by the Head of Archive, Stephanie Manfroid.

The Mundaneum is a non profit organisation based in Mons that runs an exhibition space, website and archive which celebrate the legacy of the original Mundaneum established by Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine in the early twentieth century. It has been identified as a milestone in the history of data collection and management, and (somewhat more tenuously) as a precursor to the internet.

After the tour we will have lunch at the beautiful old industrial site of the contemporary art museum “Le grand Hornu” which is only 12 km from the station of Mons. There will be the presentation of the ongoing development of the ‘Time Tool Box’ and a brainstorm session on the ‘Categories on time’. Afterwards we will visit the CIB (Centre d’innovation et de Design) where an expo runs on alternative displays of standard time “Eloge de l’heure” and continue the session. The trainrides back and forth from Brussels will be used to update the presentation of everybody’s specific approach of time in his/her work, which was started at the preliminary ”EM-Fieldstation Time’ in Tervuren.

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