Fieldstation TERRA (Gaiagraphy) / Locality Grid 1.5 Sittard / 7-9-2017 / 10h30-17h / in “ECOVENTION EUROPE” and other locations in town / Museum De Domijnen / Ligne 5, 6131 Sittard-Geleen


Program :

10h30 Museum De Domijnen : Introduction”Ecovention Europe” by Sue Spaid / Introduction “EM & Locality Grid 1.5 Sittard”      by Filip Van Dingenen & Ive Van Bostraeten / Introduction in Geomancy by Bernardus Ruwette & Jos Van Wunnik

11h45 City garden Sittard “Jardin d’Isabelle” : drawing sessions / introduction in geomancy by Jos & Lidy Van Wunnik

12h45 lunch (vegetarian) at “RAUW” in Sittard

14h Kollenberg, Sittard : introduction in geomancy by Jos & Lidy Van Wunnik / Sensory emancipation experiment

15h45 City Park Sittard + river “Geleen” : Introduction in geomancy & landscape constellations by Bernardus Ruwette

17h Feed back

Participation in the EM-Fieldstation is free. A delicious (vegetarian) lunch included.

Registration is required by sending an e-mail to :